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The Top 10 Manufacturing Blogs On The Web
Datetime: 2016/10/24 14:04:33  Hits: 898

The Best Of The Best

         What makes the best manufacturing blog? That can signify a rather subjective question that remains dependent on whom you ask. There are hundreds of manufacturing publications, many of which deserve acknowledgment for their unique positioning and industry perspectives. Lucky for you, though, I love digging through analytics and putting data points behind my decisions. This top manufacturing blogs list has pulled the most read, talked about, and shared websites to one location so they can duke it out for the first place spot. 

     You'll find no conjecture or speculation here. This table draws on a multitude of measures to produce a complete picture of how well the best industry content writers are connecting with their readers. The criteria displayed is combined to formulate an overall score out of 100 for each blog. The basis for each category is as follows.

1. Twitter Followers

I know, Twitter is described as being in a social media free fall. They've been reporting a decline in monthly active users since I can remember, but it still provides a distinct real-time value to readers. As a consumer, you are more likely to receive a response from brands on Twitter than any other social platform. There is something quite powerful about being able to connect with the people you are writing for.

2. Facebook Followers

    There's no such thing as a bigger platform than Facebook; they are the monster in the room. An influential manufacturing blog has the best potential to reach viewers and drive website visits on Facebook than any other social site. Bloggers even have the new option of using Facebook Notes to write posts directly to their followers.

3. Follower to Share Ratio

     The follower to share ratio isn't displayed below, though it is an important part of the equation nonetheless. By taking the total social reach and dividing by total social shares, you get a number that represents an ability (or lack thereof) to grab audiences attention. The higher the ratio, the better quality content, and defined target readers.

4. Social Shares

    Buzzsumo is a great content marketing tool that tracks and analyzes a domain's social shares. It is one of the essential accessories to determine what content is doing well and who are the top influencers in the industry.

5. Alexa Rank

      Alexa has numerous marketing tools, including a free domain ranking system. A website's position is measured by using a mixture of average daily visitors and web page views over the past month. The higher the combined averages, the better rank a domain receives.

6. Domain Authority

      Moz Open Site Explorer estimates a domain's search ranking authority based on a combination of backlink metrics. The domain authority score has a base of 100. More quality inbound links a website has, the greater influence it holds in search rankings.


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