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Wenzhou Fastener Market is awarded Model Market of Civilization and Honesty
Datetime: 2016/3/28 15:16:35  Hits: 563

   On the Seventeenth Forum of China Commodity Transaction Market Development and the 2015 Awards Ceremony of National Commodity Transaction Market, Wenzhou Fastener Market is awarded the honor of Model Market of Civilization and Honesty. Ye Ruisen, who is the chairman of Wenzhou Fastener Market, is awarded Hero of National Commodity Transaction Market Development.

     As a leading market in the field of selling the fastener products in the south of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Fastener Market has made much effort on honesty. In Wenzhou Fastener Market, there is a small brand outside the stores, which signs One-star Merchant, Two-star Merchant and Three-star Merchant. Jiang Yong explains that this is the rating of the stores, which includes the assessment of honesty. In the meanwhile, to do a better management of the honesty of the merchants, the market sets Party Branch and platoon leader. One regular meeting is held every each quarter to convey the relevant information from the government departments and gives the feedback about the lately situation of honesty construction, which paves a way for the merchants to express their voice. Besides, Wenzhou Fastener Market also establishes the Station of Protection of Consumer’s Right in alliance with relevant departments.


  “ This is what we’ve achieved in the aspect of honesty. We will make more effort on the market transformation and upgrading in the future.”, says Jiang Yong. The dense distribution of the stores in Wenzhou Fastener Market brings a series of hidden danger, which includes traffic, fire protection and publicsecurity and it needs transformation and upgrading urgently.


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